Maputo capacity development training, November 2013

This training was requested by the EU delegation in Mozambique in order to support capacity development efforts in Mozambique.  CD is the backbone of EU support and in particular this training is expected to support several recently-started projects promoting institutional development in public financial management, rule of law, and civil society, and a project related to local development.  The training will also be useful in view of the new wave of identifications that should start in 2014 for programmes under the 11th EDF.

The trainers were Tony Land and Alfredo Mazive.  The training took place in Maputo between 12-14 November 2013 lasting 2.5 days with between 32 and 44 people attending each day.  Participants included officers of the Government of Mozambique (over half of the participants), staff of the EU delegation, a selection of other development partners (UNDP, GIZ, UNIDO, Italian Cooperation, Portuguese Cooperation), and representatives of civil society.

Work was done ahead of the training to structure the programme and module content to the local context. Three case studies were prepared by the Delegation, two of which provided the context for the training exercises.

All training materials are available for download from the links below.