Capacity development – how should we reframe it for the digital age?

Workshop webinar 15th April 2015 

What’s the latest thinking on capacity development? What roles (if any) can social media and new digital tools play? Itad’s work on these issues has led them to propose a new conceptual framework: Capacity Development 2 or CD2.  This framework isn’t about replacing ‘traditional’ capacity development activities with digital tools and tweeting about it. Rather, it expands on traditional approaches and tools which can often focus too narrowly on building skills needed to produce a specific output. In CD2, capacity is understood to be an emergent property of the functioning of the different processes in a system. Capacity isn’t a single ‘outcome’ that can be influenced by a single intervention.

Robbie Gregorowski is a Principal Consultant and Evaluator with ITAD, working on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in innovation for development, knowledge services, research uptake and evidence-informed policy.

Pete Cranston is an ICT, Knowledge Management, Communication and New Media specialist with 20 years of experience in the 3rd sector, mainly in International Development, most recently working on advising and training in web 2.0 technologies, interactive media, and knowledge management in large organisations.

Isabel Vogel is a senior consultant with 15 years’ expertise in monitoring and evaluation and organisational development. She has worked mainly in international development in sectors that include governance and accountability, gender and empowerment, climate change, humanitarian relief, research and innovation, and several others.