August 2014

Invitations to participate

Comment on draft working paper on capacity development in fragile and conflict-affected states

As part of LenCD's efforts to document current practice and explore lessons about what has and hasn't worked in capacity development, we invite all members of the network to review a draft working paper on current thinking on capacity development in fragile and conflict-affected states.  Please download the draft document and return comments or suggestions to by 30 September.

Online discussion on strengthening capacities and building effective institutions

UNDP, ILO, and the governments of Germany and Moldova are co-convening an online dialogue on strengthening capacities and building effective institutions to discuss constraints, challenges, innovations, and best practices related to meeting new sustainable development goal (SDGs) as part of the post-2015 development agenda.  Participants are invited to reflect on lessons that have emerged about the role of capacity strengthening and institutional building in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, and on innovative ways institutions and capacity development can help deliver an integrated and inclusive sustainable development agenda.

Online discussion on developing capacities for sustainable change!forum/cg-capdev-ediscussion-1-group

The CGIAR Capacity Development Community of Practice and are convening a series of e-discussions.  The aim is to develop a peer-sharing platform for professionals involved with developing CD in agricultural innovation systems, and to highlight new learning about effective ways to transform research outputs into development outcomes.  The first topic in the series is “Developing capacities for sustainable change: Definitions, key terms and concepts.”  The lessons learnt during the first e-discussion will be synthesized and documented and the outcomes will feed into the design of subsequent discussions, for which teams of co-moderators, organizers and partners are invited to participate.

Network news

CD e-learning course now accepting applicants - deadline 1 September
DiploFoundation is now accepting applications for the online course in capacity development based on the LenCD Learning Package.  The first session of the course ran in 2013 with 21 participants and was highly successful.  The next session will take place in October, and the deadline for applications is 1 September.  The course runs over nine weeks and is based on a collaborative approach to learning, involving a high level of interaction with lecturers, guest experts, and the other participants.  The course will be of interest to practitioners of capacity development and other professionals working in the development field who plan to work in capacity development.  More details are available on DiploFoundation's web site.

CD insights: selected case stories, research, and experience

Reforming the hand that feeds you? Managing capacity development support in Cambodia and Malawi

A new research paper by Niels Keijzer of the German Development Institute analyses the policies and priorities of the governments of Cambodia and Malawi with respect to capacity development support.  The paper concludes that it is not formal strategies and policy frameworks, but individual perceptions and attitudes of government officials that decisively influence the role and ability of capacity development support.  In aid-dependent and low-income countries such as Cambodia and Malawi, longer-term capacity development interventions are more likely to be effective and sustainable when they promote adaptive and teamwork-oriented approaches under the leadership of strong and respected government officials.

Public Service Post-2015: Restoring Public Service Ethos

The UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence (GCPSE) and the Singapore Public Service Division (PSD) organised a two-day event on the Public Service Post-2015 in July.  A Research Workshop brought together researchers from academia, international organisations and public services from various countries to discuss motivation and the public service ethos.  The next day, the Public Service Leaders' Congress provided a platform for senior public service leaders from around the ASEAN region to exchange views and discuss issues with key experts and representatives from UNDP country offices on restoring public service ethos. Materials from the event are available at

New case studies from the Africa for Results Initiative (AfriK4R)

The African Community of Practice – Managing for Development Results has published a new set of case studies and knowledge briefs.  The latest case studies published are:

  • Ghana: The Teacher Community Assistance Initiative
  • Malawi: Evidence on Youth Employment through Agricultural Development
  • Nigeria: The Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YOUWIN) Case
  • Zimbabwe: Inclusive Growth through Peace Building and Reconciliation
  • Zimbabwe: Gender Based Awareness in the Church