February 2013

LenCD Updates February 2013
Learning Network on Capacity Development

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Requests for participation

LenCD participation in the Effective Institutions Platform

LenCD is pleased to kick off a month of discussion about effective institutions, leading up to the Effective Institutions Platform meeting on 27 and 28 February.  Throughout February we will hold online discussions addressing capacity building for effective institutions.  A LenCD meeting on 26 February in South Africa will consolidate the network’s inputs to the Platform, and LenCD will take a leading role in the EIP session on “support to change management and coalition building and delivering on more practical approaches to political economy reform analysis", tentatively scheduled for 27 February.

All network members are invited to contribute ideas and views to the Effective Institutions Platform throughout February via the online discussion area now set up on the LenCD web site.  The discussions will be organised around three topics: change management, coalition building, and measuring results.  The first discussion has already begun, so please read the discussion paper and join in: http://www.lencd.org/page/change-management-effective-institutions

Network news

LenCD General Assembly planned for 28 February

Preparations are also underway to hold a LenCD General Assembly meeting in South Africa in conjunction with the Effective Institutions Platform meeting.  Watch for further details coming soon!

CD Insights: selected case stories, research, and shared experience

African Community of Practice: Putting Results First in Africa

The 5th AfCoP annual meeting took place from 11-13 December 2012 in Tunis, with over one hundred representatives coming from twenty five African countries.  Achievements include agreement on an African platform for Results, commitments of support from COMESA and WAEMU, a governance structure established for the AfCoP and the Africa platform for results, and sharing of knowledge and tools for results management.  Materials from the meeting are now available at the AfCoP web site.

GIZ releases Capacity WORKS online

Capacity WORKS is GIZ’s management model for sustainable development. It operationalises their approach to managing and steering complex projects and programmes. The model delivers effective capacity development support by sustainably improving the performance capability of people, organisations and social institutions with which they cooperate worldwide.  The model has been in use since 2009, but has now been released publicly as an online resource which can be downloaded.

World Bank Guide to Evaluating Capacity Development Results

The standard M&E approach for assessing capacity development results has not been sufficient. These new guidance notes are designed to complement and supplement good M&E practice to more effectively identify capacity development results, particularly in conducting retrospective evaluations of a capacity development intervention or portfolio to assess and document results.