May 2012

LenCD Updates May 2012
Learning Network on Capacity Development

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Network news

LenCD coordinator post re-advertised

LenCD seeks a coordinator to move the LenCD agenda forward in a multi-partner network and to facilitate the implementation of the work streams agreed by the steering group, as reflected in the LenCD work plan. The LenCD coordinator will be working closely with the LenCD knowledge manager and with network partners in implementing jointly agreed initiatives.  Please see the UNDP jobs web site ( for details - applications close 24 May.

LenCD progress report 2011: From Kigali to Busan

Throughout 2011, LenCD played a critical role in connecting the capacity development community, facilitating learning and dialogue around capacity development, and informing policies and practice on the ground. At the LenCD meeting in Kigali in February 2011, LenCD partners agreed to align the network’s resources and energies behind the promotion of capacity development at the HLF4 in Busan.  Leading up to Busan, LenCD and partners organised a workshop in Cairo with followup activities coming from the resulting Cairo Consensus, regional meetings in Bangkok and Bogotá, and a joint statement on results and capacity development.  At the Busan forum, LenCD and partners organised a very successful thematic session on capacity development and launched a new publication, Capacity --> Results.  Other outputs in 2011 included the publication of the Learning Package on Capacity Development, expansion of LenCD's online resources such as the case story library, and increased collaboration with partners in managing knowledge on capacity development.  An executive summary and complete progress report of LenCD's activities in 2011 are now available at

Requests for participation

Towards Country-led Knowledge Hubs

This meeting organised by the Government of Indonesia, the World Bank, JICA and UNDP from 10-12 July in Bali, Indonesia will provide a forum for 200 policy makers and practitioners from 40 countries engaged in South-South Knowledge Exchange (SSKE) to learn about Knowledge Hubs and how to strengthen their institutional capacity for SSKE. Participants will be given the opportunity to present their experiences in structuring institutional arrangements for sharing knowledge, collectively discuss the challenges they are facing, and learn about the existing tools and services to foster knowledge sharing. Participation is by invitation only. Representatives of countries or institutions seeking to develop knowledge hub functions, or who have already implemented such functions, are invited to send an expression of interest no later than 30 May.  Please see for further details.

Rio+20 online dialogues now open

UNDP and the Government of Brazil are hosting online discussions from 16 May to 3 June to generate ideas and set the stage for the civil society "Sustainable Development Dialogues" to be held in Rio de Janeiro immediately preceding the UNCSD.  Recommendations selected as priorities through the online discussion and voting process will be conveyed to the Heads of State gathering in the High-Level Segment of Rio+20.  Participate in these discussions to show your support for capacity development to be recognised as a key factor for sustainable development.

Knowledge Needed for Institutional Transformation

UNDP Capacity-Net is hosting an online discussion on “Knowledge Needed for Institutional Transformation” from 15 May to 12 June.  This e-discussion will help UNDP, development partners, and partner countries map out, discuss and prioritize the knowledge and skills needed to strengthen national implementation capacities and make development work.  The discussion will take place on the UNDP Teamworks platform; to join the network and participate in the discussion, please send an email to If you are already a member of Capacity-Net, the discussion is available at

Practice in Participation

Practice In Participation is a joint venture of Asian civil society organisations committed to promoting participatory practices in the empowerment of excluded citizens worldwide. Focus is on maintaining and presenting a platform for archiving and creating a repository of ‘grey literature’, especially for community-based organisations.  It is an invited space for practitioners to share their local knowledge and learn from others’ practical experiences, and participate in generation, production and dissemination of knowledge based on experiences from the field.

Train4Dev 10th Annual Meeting

Train4Dev's 10th annual meeting will be held from 5 to 7 June 2012 at the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO) in Turin, Italy. The meeting will be hosted jointly by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and the International Training Centre of the ILO.  This year the meeting will focus on enhancing the network’s operational strategies, activities, and partnerships in view of the changing development cooperation environment. Through a participatory agenda, the meeting will seek to stimulate reflection about future developments of the network and foster innovation in the way joint learning programmes are designed and implemented, with a view towards increasing their inclusiveness and sustainability.  For more details, please visit the Train4Dev web site.

CD Insights: selected case stories, research, and shared experience

IMF launches Institute for Capacity Development

The International Monetary Fund launched the Institute for Capacity Development this month to lead its new strategy for capacity-building services aimed at helping member countries develop their skills base and build more robust economic and financial institutions.  The Institute incorporates the former IMF Institute and Office of Technical Assistance Management. 

World Bank Institute presents update on its approach to capacity development

The World Bank Institute laid out its approach to capacity development in an update to key partners on April 20, organised around three clusters of support for developing country clients: Open Knowledge, Collaborative Governance and Innovative Solutions, funded through a single umbrella fund, the Multi-Donor Facility for Capacity Development (MFCD).  Copies of presentations made at the partners’ meeting are now available from the WBI web site.

Catalyzing Change for Results in Africa–the Role of Capacity Development

Videos and documents from last month’s World Bank Institute event discussing lessons, challenges and new directions on strengthening capacity of public sector and non-governmental actors in Africa are now available from WBI.