Call for participants: "Learning from practice" review group

A new initiative for LenCD has been proposed and we would like to invite members of the network to participate in a "review group" to help organise and promote it. Over the next few months, we aim to convene a series of online seminars discussing case stories in capacity development. These will be inclusive learning events aimed at identifying and discussing lessons from the case stories that could be applied in other contexts. They will be centered on the case stories, presented by the main actors involved, with open discussion facilitated by a moderator who will also help distill the key lessons and messages.

In order to help guide this process, we would like to convene a review group consisting of network members acting in a personal (rather than institutional) capacity. The review group would choose the case stories to be discussed, and would help to identify and recruit discussants and moderators. Discussions of the review group will take place online and should require no more than an hour or two each month.

We also hope that the entire LenCD community will participate in the discussions. We aim to organise the first seminar in late March, and hold one seminar each month. A concept note outlining the ideas for the seminar series is available on the LenCD web site at

If you are interested in participating in the review group, please contact Alessandra Casazza ( or Brian Lucas ( Otherwise, please watch for more details coming soon!