Capacity Development Learning Package now available

Dear colleagues,
We are very pleased to launch the LenCD Capacity Development Learning Package, now available on the LenCD website at

The Learning Package is an open resource on capacity development, which has been developed through a partnership between LenCD and Train4Dev, to address the learning needs of capacity development practitioners and as a resource for CD training facilitators.

The Learning Package has been developed in a consultative manner by a working group of LenCD partners, under the guidance of Jenny Pearson, who has coordinated the process. The working group was formed at the LenCD Assembly meeting in Kigali, in February 2011, to consider options for the target group and the format of the package, the process for the development of the package, the outline and finally the content.  

The package’s core concept provides an overview of the main approaches to CD followed by development organizations. It does not intend to present a LenCD approach to CD, nor promote one approach over another, but to serve as a resource that offers users a way to assess what they will find helpful for any given context or specific need. The ‘how to’ pages provide more specific guidance on how practitioners can approach different parts of the capacity development process.  The package is intended to help people think individually and collectively about capacity development challenges.

The package is  a "living document" and will change as we get feedback from users. It has already been piloted in Cambodia, as well as by UNHABITAT and Train4Dev, and is currently being adopted by GIZ in the context of the Joint Learning Journey.

We would like to thank Jenny Pearson, for leading this tremendous work; the members of the working group, for their active participation and substantive inputs to the process; Brian Lucas, for having made this resource easily accessible online; and the Austrian Development Agency, for its financial support to the development of the package.

We also would like to thank Train4Dev for this constructive partnership, which we look forward to continue expanding.
With kind regards,
Apollinaire Ndorukwigira and Mark Nelson, LenCD Co-Chairs