LenCD support to the Effective Institutions Platform

The Effective Institutions Platform is one of eight initiatives that came out of the Busan High-Level Forum to take forward the commitments made in Busan.  At the EIP meeting in Johannesburg (27-28 February 2013), LenCD members made several proposals for ways in which the network could support the Platform:

  1. LenCD coordinator Lawrencia Adams presents the network's proposals at the Effective Institutions Platform meeting on 27 February 2013Support the Global Partnership help desk by providing advice and contacts on capacity development.  The Global Partnership help desk is under development as a way of supporting organisations seeking to engage with post-Busan proceses.  As a learning network, LenCD could contribute substantive advice and knowledge on capacity development across all of the Platforms.
  2. Integrating learning into organizational capacity development: again as a learning network, LenCD would be well-suited to support network members in testing change, documenting experiences, drawing out lessons and developing specific guidance.  LenCD has long advocated "closing the learning loop” and could assist organisations in reflecting on their own experiences and sharing them with others.
  3. Engaging with other platforms and processes by being advocates/ambassadors for  the  integration of capacity development.  Network members are regularly engaged with a wide range of international processes.  LenCD could perhaps develop materials which network members could use to advocate for capacity development as a cross-cutting issue.
  4. Organize learning sessions on CD within the framework of other platforms/processes: In connection with the advocacy mentioned above, LenCD could also perhaps develop materials that network members could use to present workshops or other learning sessions as part of events that they are attending in order to further educate counterparts on the importance of capacity development and how to integrate it into sectoral and other programmes.
  5. Serve as the "champion" or coordinating body for work on change management and making results happen
  6. Take on a co-secretariat role within the Platform

The first four proposals were presented by LenCD coordinator Lawrencia Adams on the first day of the meeting; the other proposals emerged during the course of the meeting in response to the Platform's call for offers of support.  All of these are merely ideas at this point, however, and we seek inputs from the network membership about selecting priorities via the comment box below.

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Photo: LenCD coordinator Lawrencia Adams presents the network's proposals at the Effective Institutions Platform meeting on 27 February 2013

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