Change Management for Effective Institutions

Winner Kokufu Bonsai Ten 2011.  Photo by Rodrigo Sousa, importance of strengthening institutional capacity to deliver sustainable results is widely recognised, especially in today’s climate of shrinking resources where achieving and demonstrating results, ensuring value for money, and improving efficiency are top priorities for development organisations. Institutions considered underperforming must evolve to meet these challenges, but institutional change is a difficult problem, and the best way for capacity development practitioners to support change may not always be clear.

Please see the discussion paper Change Management for Effective Institutions for an overview of some challenges and lessons arising out of our current understanding of change management -- but that paper is only intended to be a provocative starting point for discussion, not the final word. 

Our case story catalogue also includes case stories of change management, including these documented by Princeton University's Innovations for Successful Societies programme: Empowering operational staff: land registration in Sarawak, Malaysia and Creating an affordable public service: Tanzania.

Please share your thoughts on the discussion paper and on change management in general.

  • What do you think are the biggest challenges of managing change? 
  • How can the challenges be overcome? 
  • Have you observed any success stories that would be instructive to others? 
  • Are there any methodologies, tools and approaches we can use to nurture and mobilise capacities for change? 
  • What are the drivers of such capacities?
  • How can we leverage them?

Please leave your comments below!

Photo credit:Rodrigo Sousa