Congratulations to ACBF graduates of Diplo/LenCD online course

In early 2016, DiploFoundation and the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) agreed to run two sessions of the Diplo/LenCD online course on Capacity Development, based on the LenCD Learning Package, for ACBF staff members.  The first session recently came to a successful close and the accomplishments of the 15 participants who completed the first session were recognised during a certificates award ceremony at ACBF.  The online course demands ten weeks of focussed attention from participants, studying comprehensive materials on capacity development, and discussing their own experiences and challenges. The ACBF decided to involve staff from operations; knowledge, monitoring and evaluation; and administration in the courses, to increase the understanding of each staff member on ACBF’s core activity of capacity development in the African context. The facilitation team included international and African capacity development experts.