UNDP e-discussion on an integrated DRR - CCA mainstreaming Framework

UNDP invites you to participate in an online discussion to help develop an integrated framework for mainstreaming disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) into development. The purpose of this e-discussion is to engage stakeholder groups, experts, practitioners and policy-makers across the globe in a dialogue to capture experiences and feedback to guide the development of an integrated DRR-CCA mainstreaming framework. This will be a practical tool to help governments at all levels operationalise the mainstreaming of climate change and disaster risk reduction into development policy, plans, projects, budgets, monitoring and evaluation.  The current phase of the discussion (until 6 May) is focusing on two questions: (1) What are the critical components and specific entry points for mainstreaming? (2) What guidance is needed to help practitioners apply the tool?