Manila Consensus on Public Financial Management

The OECD Task Force on Public Financial Management is looking at ways to strengthen developing countries’ public financial management and their ability to receive and manage foreign aid.  Representatives from over 40 countries and international organisations around the world met to address one of the major barriers to economic growth in the developing world: inadequate public financial management systems.  The international community recognises that a greater share of foreign assistance must flow through, and be managed by, the aid-receiving countries themselves, in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of aid dollars.

This group represents developed and developing countries, leading aid and development agencies, civil society organisations, and parliamentarians. Its aim is to strengthen the capacity of developing countries to manage public finances, particularly foreign aid. Meetings such as this provide an opportunity for countries around the world to exchange information, share best practices, and review progress in utilising, assessing and strengthening their own public financial management systems. 

Event details
Monday, 6 June, 2011 - Tuesday, 7 June, 2011