LenCD Partners Meeting 2011, Kigali

We are pleased to report that the LenCD Partners Meeting (10-12 February 2011 in Kigali, Rwanda) was a great success.  The new LenCD charter was adopted, the steering group was expanded to include broader representation from a greater diversity of organisations, and significant progress was made on several important initiatives in the LenCD work plan including sharpening our messages for the Busan high-level forum on aid effectiveness, developing a workplan for improving knowledge management across LenCD, developing a learning package on capacity development, and strengthening connections with and among regional networks. 

Many thanks to our hosts, the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) and the Rwanda Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat (PSCBS).  Thanks also to the LenCD network coordinating team and to the many workshop facilitators. 

Key documents

Presentations made on Thursday and workshop reports

Presentations made on Friday

New steering group

Representing the incoming LenCD Steering Group from left to right: Ismail Abdirahman (NEPAD and African Peer Review Mechanism APRM, Kenya), Florence Nazare (NEPAD Planning and Coordination Agency), Santiago Perry (for Accion Social, Colombia), Alessandra Casazza (United Nations Development Programme UNDP), Jennifer Mujuni (Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat PSCBS, Rwanda), Paul Riembault (European Commission EC), Rose Wangiru (Centre for Economic Governance and AIDS in Africa CEGAA), Noriharu Masugi (Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA), James Hradsky (OECD/DAC), Antonio Tujan (IBON & Reality of Aid Asia), Godje Bialluch (German International Cooperation, GIZ), Mark Nelson (World Bank Institute, WBI), Apollinaire Ndorukwigjira (African Capacity Building Foundation ACBF), Thomas Theisohn (LenCD Coordinator). Not present: Talaa Abdel-Malik (OECD/DAC).



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Agenda including background readings for each session

Thursday 10 February

 8:00 Steering group session I
    Outgoing SG members & coordination team 
    Meeting preparations and review of strategic and  implementation issues
 10:00 Welcome and Opening 
    Chair: Mark Nelson, LenCD/WBI
    Stella Mugabo, Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat, Rwanda
    Frannie Léautier, African Capacity Building Foundation

Overview on Agenda  - Thomas Theisohn, Alessandra Casazza

 10:20  Taking stock of 2009-2010 & Perspectives 2011-2012
    Chair: Mark Nelson
    Progress report 2009-2010: Alessandra Casazza, LenCD/UNDP project manager
    Perspectives from survey: Brian Lucas, LenCD Knowledge Manager (see also survey report)
    Lessons, challenges, opportunities: Thomas Theisohn, LenCD coordinator
 10:45  Q & A & Views
 11:15 Coffee
 11:30 LenCD Governance
    Chair: Apollinaire Ndorukwigjira, ACBF
    Presenting the LenCD charter: Godje Bialluch, GIZ
    Steering Arrangements: Mark Nelson, WBI

Q & A & Views (inputs also with cards all day) 

 12:00 Orientation for the workshops in the afternoon
    Chair: Apollinaire Ndorukwigjira, ACBF
    Workshop 1:  Tony Land & James Hradsky      Q&A
    Workshop 2:  Brian Lucas, Jeffrey Kwaterski, Alessandra Casazza    Q&A
13:00 Lunch (Separate table for those interested to join the SG)
14:30 WS 1: Capacity Development and Aid Effectiveness: On the road to Busan and beyond

Tony Land (tland@info.bw
James Hradsky (james.hradsky@oecd.org)

An  opportunity  to take  stock  of LenCD’s  contribution  to  date  in advancing the CD agenda in the context of global discussions on aid effectiveness and to help set the agenda for future work over the coming two years.

Workshop outline: ws1outline.pdf

Key documents: 

Additional background documents:

WS 2: Rationalizing the CD knowledge architecture
& LenCD’s role and knowledge services

Brian Lucas (brian@lencd.org)
Jeffrey Kwaterski (jkwaterski@impactalliance.org)
Alessandra Casazza (alessandra.casazza@undp.org)

This workshop will look at how organisations and individuals share information and knowledge about capacity development, and the role that LenCD can play in supporting these efforts. How can we efficiently monitor, collect, store, retrieve, and use this diverse and growing range of information and knowledge?  How can we reduce fragmentation and increase inter­connectedness?

Workshop outline: ws2outlinev5.pdf

Key documents:

Additional background documents:

17:30  Plenary: Reporting from WG
    Chair: Paul Riembault

Preview next day (Facilitator)

18:00 Steering Group session II: Outgoing and incoming SG members (tbd)
19:30 Dinner

 Friday 11 February

9:00 Plenary
    Facilitator's remarks for the day

Orientation for the workshops in the morning
    Chair: Tony Tujan
    Workshop 3:  Jenny Pearson & Mark Nelson  
    Workshop 4:  Janet Awimbo & Apollinaire Ndorukwigira

10:00 WS 3: Towards a Capacity Development learning package & learning opportunities 

Jenny Pearson (jennycpearson@gmail.com)
Mark Nelson (MNELSON1@worldbank.org)

The workshop will bring together the recently established working group of LenCD and Train4Dev partners to define the strategic direction, scope and approach for developing a learning package and how to organize the work of the group. The workshop will also try to identify opportunities and means of organising field testing the package at country or regional levels.

Workshop outline: ws3outline.pdf

Key documents:

Additional background documents:

WS 4: Regional initiatives and connections with LenCD: Africa, Asia and Latin America 

Janet Awimbo (janet.awimbo@ngorc.or.tz
Apollinaire Ndorukwigira (a.ndorukwigira@acbf-pact.org)

This workshop will enable participants from Africa, Asia and Latin America identify opportunities to strengthen learning on CD in and between these regions.  The workshop will explore how to usefully connect, and build upon, both direct and virtual exchange on CD practice and learning. 

Workshop outline: ws4outline.pdf

Background documents:


13:00 Lunch  (Separate table for regional initiatives)
14:30 Plenary: Reporting from WG
    Chair: Noriharu Masugi 
15:00 Constituting the LenCD Steering Group & Adoption of LenCD Charter
     Chair: Janet Awimbo & Mark Nelson
15:45 Coffee
16:00 Bringing it all together: LenCD Work Plan for 2011-12 & Strategic issues
    Chairs: Incoming Co-chairs (tbd) 
17:45 Conclusions and closing remarks 
18:00 Closure
19:00 Steering Group session III: Dinner meeting with "outgoing" and "incoming" SG members (tbd) 

Saturday 12 February

 10:00 10:00-13:00
Steering Group session IV
The newly constituted Steering Group will convene to organize its work and discuss management issues, funding, contracts etc.
Consolidating by workshop teams and sub-groups
In parallel if feasible and in the afternoon
The workshop teams draw conclusions and consolidate their inputs for the LenCD workplan
Subgroups on specific initiatives, including regions develop their ideas further as pertinent


Event details
Thursday, 10 February, 2011 - Saturday, 12 February, 2011
Kigali, Rwanda
Event type: 
LenCD network event
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