Results-Oriented Capacity Development: A Practitioner’s Guide for Leaders of Organizations and Development Managers

Saldanha, Cedric
Austral Foundation
Year of publication: 

Despite all the aid and capacity development provided, many African and Pacific countries continue to fall behind on basic development indicators such as the Millennium Development Goals. The Pacific for instance, has been the beneficiaryof over $17 billion in development assistance over the last 25 years. Yet, the majority of Pacific countries still lag behind most of the developing world on their MDG indicators.

The central issue is – where are we going wrong with regard to capacity development? There is obviously something fundamentally amiss with the models and approaches used if expected results are not being achieved. Regrettably, accountability for the failure of such investments is neither transparent nor robust. We see a continuing trend in the use of capacity development approaches that have repeatedly shown little or poor quality results.

While there is of course no one, ‘right’ approach, the test must always be – does the capacity development intervention result in improved performance? This is the absolute minimum one could and should expect of any capacity development

This guide offers the reader a disciplined results-oriented approach to capacity development. It is an approach that has been drawn from experience, and has been tested with positive results.