Governance for development: Towards excellence in global public service

Andrew Robertson, Rupert Jones-Parry and Anne Wolf
Nexus Strategic Partnerships Limited
Year of publication: 

Social, economic and political processes are complex, and happen differently at varying speeds in different contexts. Reforms of the public sector have all too often mixed results given that: i) change initiatives are usually politically sensitive; ii) as a result, implementation is complex and all too often ends in failure; and iii) not enough is known about ‘what really works’.

This new book, published in connection with the UN Public Service Forum 2014, presents a range of experience in national public service reform, transparency, accountability and inclusive growth and e-government.  It features:

  • Winners of the UN Public Service Awards 2014 – the most prestigious international recognition of public service professionalism and excellence – who are blazing a trail in improving service delivery; fostering participation in public policy; boosting whole-of-government approaches in the information age; and ensuring gender responsiveness gets written into policy
  • Independent thought leadership pieces and case studies, bringing together UN system perspectives with those of government, regional bodies and NGO partners. This includes an in-depth look at national public service reform; e-government; transparency and accountability; democracy and rights; and inclusive growth, food security and other global governance challenges
  • A reference section with information on each of the 193 UN member states including up-to-date information on population figures, constitutions, judicial systems, governments, politics, local government, key institutions and selected governance initiatives. Each UN region section contains a special focus on some of the countries


Foreword - Max Everest-Phillips

A message from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia

Winners of the 2014 United Nations Public Service Awards

Foreword - John-Mary Kauzya

Improving the Delivery of Public Services

Fostering Participation in Policy-Making Decisions Through Innovative Mechanisms

Promoting Whole-of-Government Approaches in the Information Age

Promoting Gender Responsive Delivery of Public Services

Public administration: Reform, delivery and results

Public sector management reform: Towards a problem-solving approach
Jurgen Blum, Nick Manning and Vivek Srivastava

Governance for development: ‘Good’ versus ‘good enough’
Pan Suk Kim

The humility of complexity
Max Everest-Phillips

Performance improvement through problem-driven, iterative adaptation
Mark Robinson

Public administration and the former Soviet Union
Saltanat Liebert and Stephen E. Condrey

Good practice in public sector reform
Sylvester Odhiambo Obong’o and John Wilkins

E-government in Latin America: History, reach and effect
Barney Warf

Affirmative action in India: Scope and impact
Gautam Ray

Transparency, accountability and civic participation

Supreme audit institutions: A wider role for development assistance
David Goldsworthy

How not to solve corruption: Problems with ‘political independence’
Martin Painter

Corruption risks in defence and security
Tehmina Abbas

Corruption and public services: The political approach
Public Services International

Open government and democratic governance
Gregorio Montero

Citizen participation in Latin America: Innovations to strengthen governance
Janet Oropeza Eng and Marine Perron

Politics meets policy: Programmatic parties
Jorge Valladares Molleda and Samuel Jones

Participation in public services: The evolving role of co-operatives
Pier Angelo Mori

Global governance and sustainable development

Governance for sustainable develoment: Integrating governance
Patrick Keuleers

Governance and institutional capacities for sustainable development: A global perspective
John-Mary Kauzya

Bringing politics back in: Governance, development and health
Ted Schrecker

Evaluating social safeguards protecting indigenous peoples
Maria Margarita Lopez and Clay Goodloe Wescott

Global governance for (rights-respecting) development
Rolph van der Hoeven

Global governance challenges facing Caribbean small states
Susan Dougan

Anti-corruption in investment: Sanctions regimes
Jelena Madir

Innovations for global governance: Committee on World Food Security reforms
Matthieu Brun and Sébastien Treyer

Integrating land governance into the post-2015 agenda
Fritsche et al

Land and agriculture: The policy challenges for Africa
Ray Purcell

Country directory

UN Africa region
Africa: After a cloak of gloom, a patchwork quilt of hope
Richard Synge

UN Asia and the Pacific region
Who’s afraid of China’s high-tech challenge?
Guy de Jonquières

UN Latin America and the Caribbean region
Why the strategic centre of government matters
Martin Alessandro, Mariano Lafuente and Carlos Santiso

UN Europe and North America region
Freedom of expression and information in Europe
Dirk Voorhoof

UN Western Asia region
The best of intentions
Humphrey Hawksley