Democracy, AID and Disenabling Environment: Motivation and Impact of Disenabling Environment on Development work in Africa

Paul Okumu
Africa Civil Society Platform on Principled Partnership
Year of publication: 

Between 2007 and April 2011 thirty five governments (62%) across Africa have either passed or are about to pass several pieces of legislation restricting activities and the very existence of Civil Society Organizations. The trend is even more troublesome when considered that in about 20 of the cases, the pieces of legislation are similar in content. What began as a genuine call for mutual accountability and harmonization of development effort between Donors, Governments and CSOs has turned into a wave of legislation and policies targeting Organizations that do not appear to conform to government choices.

This report draws from over 17 studies conducted between 2008-2011, discussions with CSOs from 30 countries across Africa, and a further work of several Organizations in conflict prevention and peace building, to present the motivation, impact and options for Africa.