India - Capacity Building for Access to Information

Subsequent to the enactment of Right to Information legislation in 2005, UNDP with Government of India initiated to build capacities of stakeholders at all levels. Piloted in selected districts across India, the initiative was later up scaled. Project built models and institutionalized mechanisms for capacity building for RTI.

Government of India enacted the Right to Information legislation in 2005 and recognized access to information as a key development issue, because it has the potential to empower the citizen and equip them to participate meaningfully in the development process. UNDP played a crucial role in the formative phase of this legislation. Later, the UNDP collaborated with Department of Personnel and Training of the Government of India for ‘The Capacity Building for Access to Information Project’ aimed at building capacities for effective implementation of the Act. It had a comprehensive approach by enhancing the capacities f government officials as information providers, of citizens as information seekers, and a range of other stakeholders to facilitate the sharing of information.

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