Corporate social responsibility at The Body Shop

Businesses globally have come under close scrutiny for their degree of social and environmental responsibility, an examination that pushes them beyond their conventional obligations to shareholders. Not many have managed the job of returning healthy bottom lines while paying the higher costs that come with fair wages and environmentally sustainable production policies. The few that have continue to face questions about the veracity of their claims.

The Body Shop typifies such a case. Its community trade programmes support sustainable development by sourcing ingredients and accessories from disadvantaged communities around the world, while adhering to fair-trade principles like decent wages and good working conditions. The company also runs a number of community-oriented projects, from Nicaragua to Somalia. However, some critics contest the claims that it makes about its products.

Source: Lopes and Theisohn (2003) Ownership Leadership and Transformation: Can We Do Better for Capacity Development?  Earthscan Publications and UNDP.

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