Jamaica: Sexual and Reproductive Health Education for people with diverse disabilities

The objective of this project is to promote educational processes that safeguard the sexual and reproductive rights of young blind, deaf, mentally and physically impaired individuals, by developing their skills in sexual and reproductive health education.

The JAID (Jamaica Association for Intellectually Disabled people) is the national counterpart for the UNFPA project. Along with JAD (Jamaican Association for people with Deafness) and McCam Foundation (children 0-6 years of age, with diverse abilities) they implement the project. The main capacity development (CD) thrusts are:

a) CD assessment: JAID set in movement a research/action process to discover the sexual needs of people with diverse disabilities. . 

b) CD strategies: The design of curriculum structure for each of these populations the formulation of a pedagogy for sexual education for people with different needs, and the development of special materials for each populations,

c) Ownership: Training by peer facilitators, parents, and healthcare providers,

d) Scaling up: Formal transfer to the Ministries of Education and Health, while  projecting South-South Cooperation (SS-C) exchanges with other Caribbean countries. 

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