Sustaining Build Back better in post tsunami and post conflict Aceh, Indonesia

The Tsunami combined with the end of the 30-year conflict in 2005 had a significant impact on the Provincial Government. The theme of the recovery was to build back better, however the challenge has been to sustain the recovery in which the Government and international community invested over $6 billion.

When the Tsunami hit Aceh in 2004, the Government of Indonesia (GoI) developed a strategy to rebuild back Aceh better than before the Tsunami. However, thirty years of conflict had severely weakened the capacity of the local governments in Aceh to achieve their development objectives, let alone a major recovery effort. The Province was the fourth poorest in Indonesia. Due to the conflict, Aceh was one of the most corrupt in Indonesia, basic services including education and health were weak and public support for the government was low.

To address the shortcomings of the Provincial Government, the central government established the Agency for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (ARR) to implement the $2 billion GoI investment and coordinate the $4 billion investment from the international community. Between 2005 and 2009, ARR successfully fulfilled its mandate and has been acclaimed by the GoI and international community in the way it achieved its outcomes. The President gave ARR broad powers to ensure the reconstruction programme was implemented within four years. ARR developed a number of innovative systems to enable the Agency to plan, budget and implement the reconstruction programme.

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UNDP Capacity is Development knowledge fair
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Disaster preparedness and mitigation

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