Organisational development at the heart of debate and demand for good governance from Civil society Oragnisations

Organisational development has been at the heart of an approach that has helped NWADO promote the debate and demand for good governance from civil society organisations in Cameroon. This process of self-discovery, learning, identification and improvement on capacity areas for internal governance equals an increased scope, impact and efficiency.

In 2006, NWADO an aggregate of 30 civil society organisations (CSOs) was in search of a new identity and a focus to achieve tangible results. The membership was on the rise as many CSOs increasingly saw the importance of networking for coordination of activities to reduce duplication and waste of resources within the communities. Within the framework of the Participation and Governance Programme promoted by Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), NWADO went through an Organizational Development process. This exercise helped to improve and learn through a planned systematic and participatory process of change to increase organizational effectiveness and learning.

The driving force of the process was the creation of an organizational development committee (OD-C) made up of members of NWADO selected with considerations given to diversity, availability, impartiality and discovery. A key actor in the process was a VSO Volunteer placed to coach the process. The process was based on 15 capacity areas and ended with a self-assessment workshop with focus on the prioritization of identified priority areas. The report of the workshop with thorough analysis of those key capacity areas formed the basis for the organizational development plan of NWADO, which is in its third year of implementation. NWADO has been working on these key priority areas to increase its internal governance and learning process including advocacy, accountability, transparence, HIV/AIDS, gender, rights based approaches, networking. Through a series of capacity building and action learning forums, NWADO has effectively delivered more impacting results to her beneficiaries. NWADO is currently scaling down the OD process to community-based organisations to improve their internal governance and learning capacity and then become real change agent. In addition, NWADO is now leading many civil society initiatives in development and balancing the power of local authorities.

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UNDP Capacity is Development knowledge fair
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