Kazakhstan - Independent Life of Paralyzed People

Kuralai Baimenova and other disabled people united and organized NGO the “Society of Protection of Paralyzed People of Aktobe city, Kazakhstan” to help themselves. In the last ten years their organization has become a support center for more than 1200 disabled people and their families.

The Society of Protection of Paralyzed People of Aktobe city, Kazakhstan is a non-governmental organization that was registered ten years ago in Aktobe, the center of the north-western part of Kazakhstan. The saying “a big river starts from a tiny brook” fits this well known Aktobe organization. Twenty years ago the leader of this NGO, Kuralai Baimenova, found herself paralyzed after a car accident. So it was in 1989 that she found herself in the company of the thousands of paralyzed people already living in Kazakhstan. It must be said that those were the Soviet Union breakdown years. The collapse was an event that took the wind out of everyone’s sails. And nobody cared what problems Kuralai was facing—those were problem for her and her family. Kuralai spent many years in hospitals, at alternative medicine centers, and meeting other individuals that were also paralyzed. And this huge “army” of seriously ill people was not organized—there was no information, no rehabilitation centers, there was nothing at all. By then, Kuralai had developed professional experience in organizing people, and added that with motherly experience, all multiplied by good education. So, she decided to create a non-governmental organization to help people with problems with which she had first-hand knowledge. She targeted young paralyzed people, inspiring them to unite to solve their own problems, as well as the problems all the paralyzed people of Aktobe!

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