Guatemala: Strengthen TO Empower network-a project for civil society

José Romero Keith

The objective of this project was to strengthen the capacities of civil society organisations in Guatemala that work with human rights, health, sexual and reproductive health of women.

The intention was to build social networks and knowledge platforms in order to influence public policy, and support the government in the provision of human rights and gender based services.

The program employed several capacity development strategies, focusing in the following areas

Societal capacities: Building alliances between NGOs and developing relationships with the Government to allow technical exchange and knowledge sharing

Organizational capacities: Training, consultancy and support offered by network members to governmental bodies and civil society

Individual capacities: One of the main strengths of the project is its capacity to develop other´s capacities. The network had its own school which offered a comprehensive training course to individuals

The program was successful in getting the Guatemalan government to sign an agreement with civil society organizations in order to cover social gaps and also support civil society strengthening. Not only have ties between Government and NGOs been strengthened but by developing a multilevel strategy the project has successfully linked societal, organization and individual capacities.  

Yet work still remains, whilst the training system has performed well, the internal system requires continuous updating.  The project must also diversify resource strategies, production of material and acquisition of donors.

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