Democracy trust backs national consensus amidst volatile politics

The Democracy Trust was conceived as a policy advocacy tool to encourage commitment to the PRSP process among political parties. By ensuring that political parties publicly back policies of development and poverty eradication, the trust has granted the Honduran population a mechanism to hold elected officials to their obligations, and to demand their right to improved and sustainable services. As well, commitments to development thus become state policies and no longer belong solely to the government of the day.

Without capacity development, long-term strategies for poverty reduction are difficult to achieve. Thus, the Democracy Trust plays a crucial role in promoting the growth of social capital, expanding capabilities through the creation of formal and informal communications networks that exchange ideas as well as shared norms, goals and beliefs.

Source: Lopes and Theisohn (2003) Ownership Leadership and Transformation: Can We Do Better for Capacity Development?  Earthscan Publications and UNDP.

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UNDP Ownership Leadership and Transformation
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