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Exploring donor reform of business practices consistent with capacity development: GIZ and "Capacity WORKS"

31 May 2011

Hats off to GIZ who shared its new CD business approach in Eschborn on 19-20 May with colleagues from several donor institutions, including FAO, UNDP, Australia/AUSAID, Turkey/DAKA, OECD, UNCCD, EC/EuropAid, SNV, Belgium/BTC and Switzerland/DEZA. The GIZ approach - “Capacity WORKS” - is codified in a 300 page document -- which fortunately came to us in the form of a compact and well written 20 page summary!...

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James Hradsky

Cairo workshop on capacity development

06 April 2011

Another step on the journey! The Cairo Meeting on Capacity Development did not add fundamental new insights to what we already know about CD. But, refreshingly, it brought new, strong and articulate Southern voices to the fore, who, from their daily work, could testify to when and how CD works - and when development partners' despite intentions to the contrary, undermine capacity development through approaches which are not only parallel, but also misses the opportunities to integrate...

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Nils Boesen

Leadership Capacity Challenge in Africa

27 February 2011

Does Africa have enough leaders? Does Africa have leaders who have adequate capacity? Is Africa preparing its next generation of leaders? Is Africa leadership transformative? These were the running themes and questions whose answers were being sort in the first plenary session on “Leadership Capacity and the Challenges of Leading in Africa” during the ACBF meeting held in Kigali Serena, on 8-9, February 2010.

Africa needs exceptional leadership that will effect Africa...

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